We’re proud to be Britain’s pushiest parents – the kids must learn nothing is free’


A couple who are happy to call themselves Britain’s pushiest parents have told how they are determined to teach their young daughters the value of hard work.

Sophie and Phil McGennity see to it that eight-year-old Crystal and Hallie, three, earn pocket money by doing chores and helping out.

Hallie even works part-time in the family business.

They have a packed schedule every night and weekends are filled with competitions and extra homework.

And they are both expected to graft at the family’s trampoline park, in Preston, Lancs.

Sophie said: “It’s important to us to make sure our children are successful.

“They need to learn that nothing is free and to be successful you have to work hard every day.

“If making sure our children get every opportunity, makes us pushy, then pushy is what we are.

“We have successful businesses, but worked hard for everything.

“We don’t force them [the children] to do anything, all we ask is that they complete the first commitment.

“After that if they want to quit then they can.

“I push both to learn and be the best they can be.”

The girls work two evenings a week.

After Crystal comes home from school and Hallie leaves nursery, they join their mum and dad at work until 6pm.

Crystal earns £10 for a full day at the park – which Sophie believes teaches her the value of hard work.

She refills stock and cashes up tills before being allowed to play.

She also helps her sister wipe surfaces and sweep floors.

On Wednesday evenings, both girls have swimming and on Thursday and Friday, have riding lessons and go to Pony Club with their shared pony – which they feed, clean and muck out daily.

On Saturday, they take a dance class in the morning, before a riding lesson.

On Sunday it’s helping at the Trampoline park.

Both also have lists of chores to do at home.

Sophie said: “My kids get an hour a day on the computer, that’s it.

“My kids are the most confident children I know.

“When they walk into a room they own it.”